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Warwick the Gryphon of Honor Statue
  • Warwick the Gryphon of Honor Statue
  • Warwick the Gryphon of Honor Statue
  • Warwick the Gryphon of Honor Statue
  • Warwick the Gryphon of Honor Statue

Warwick the Gryphon of Honor Statue

  • Measures 4+" tall
  • Bronze finish hydrocal
  • Indoor use only
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This noble little griffon stands guard carrying a shield inscribed with the word "Honor", ready to protect his allies with dignity and grace. He was inspired by the much larger Vigilant Gryphon, and modeled as a palm-sized reminder of our responsibility to others.

This petite gargoyle stands only 4" tall.- just right for a bit of whimsy on your bookshelf or desk. Warwick is made from hydrocal with a faux bronze finish. This gryphon statue is not suitable for outdoor use. It is meant for interior display only.

Warwick the Gryphon of Honor is (c)2011 Hungate Sculpture & Design

Who is the artist?
The Gryphon of Honor was created by Jay Hungate. When designing a new sculpture, Jay begins by working with plasticine clay to create the original. When he is happy with his progress, Jay makes a single-use mold and casts the piece in hard plaster. Once that is done, he uses the piaster model to carve additional details, refining and enhancing with every step. Next, he takes the new plaster model, and uses it to make a durable rubber mold, with which to cast finely detailed reproductions of the original. And finally, each piece is hand-finished and painted for the crucial finishing touches.

What is the correct way to spell "gryphon"?
Well, that depends on who you ask. "Griffin" is one of the more common forms, but you'll also find "griffon", "gryphon", and many other variations, especially since it is sometimes used as a person given name or family name.

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