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Coffee Haus Chester Statue
  • Coffee Haus Chester Statue
  • Coffee Haus Chester Statue
  • Coffee Haus Chester Statue
  • Coffee Haus Chester Statue

Coffee Haus Chester Statue

  • Measures 2 1/2" tall
  • Antique stone-finish hydrocal
  • Indoor use only
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It's hard to wake up without coffee. Even gargoyles know this basic fact of life. Now you can share your cup of morning joe with this delightful little guy. Whether he's perched atop the coffee machine or computer monitor, he is sure to keep good company, and will help guard against any troubles brewing ahead.

At 2 1/2" tall, the Coffee Haus Chester Statue is just the right size for keeping watch over your desk or bookshelf. Made of interior grade plaster, for indoor use only.

Can I coat this to make it weather-proof?
As tempting as it is to use Coffee Haus Chester outside, we really don't recommend it for outdoor use. The materials simply aren't able to hold up to constant exposure to wind and weather, even with the most careful application of clear-coat or sealant. Please plan on enjoying this small sculpture inside your home.

Who is the artist?
The Coffee Haus Chester Gargoyle Statue was created by Jay Hungate. When designing a new sculpture, Jay begins by working with plasticine clay to create the original. When he is happy with his progress, Jay makes a single-use mold and casts the piece in hard plaster. Once that is done, he uses the piaster model to carve additional details, refining and enhancing with every step. Next, he takes the new plaster model, and uses it to make a durable rubber mold, with which to cast finely detailed reproductions of the original. And finally, each piece is hand-finished and painted for the crucial finishing touches.

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