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Blessed Be Wall Hook
Blessed Be Wall Hook
Blessed Be Wall Hook
  • Blessed Be Wall Hook
  • Blessed Be Wall Hook
  • Blessed Be Wall Hook

Blessed Be Wall Hook

Only $23.00
  • Lead-free pewter
  • Approximately 2 7/8" x 3"
  • Attaches with two screws (included)
  • Made in the USA
PEW-3785 - Pewter
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Home decor that recognizes and honors your pagan beliefs can be almost impossible to find, which is why we were so excited when we spotted this unusual wall hook. The phrase "Blessed Be" resonates especially strongly with pagans and wiccans, and is a wonderful reminder that, in good times and in bad, the blessings in our lives mean more than anything.

It's the little details that really bring a room together and create that unique ambience that is just your style. This Pagan Wall Hook is the perfect finishing touch for your decor. Put a couple by the front door for keys, hats, purses, etc. Use them in the kitchen for dishtowels, pans, or bundles of drying herbs. What uses will you think of?

This Pagan Wall Hook is made of lead-free pewter, and measures approximately 2 7/8" tall. It attaches to the wall with a single screw (included). If you are installing these on drywall, and using them for heavy items, you might want to consider using additional hardware.

How deep is the wall hook?
The hook portion of this piece stands out from the rest by approximately 1".

How should I install this wall hook?
In most cases, all you will need is a screwdriver, if you are attaching the hook to a drywall surface. If you are affixing the hook to wood, you may wish to pre-drill the holes.

The wall hook comes with two short screws. While this is sufficient to support small items, if you plan to use the hook for anything heavier, you will want something more substantial. We recommend using a #5 screw that is at least 1" long, along with a screw-in wall anchor, which can be easily found at your local hardware store.

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