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Goddess Tea Infuser
  • Goddess Tea Infuser
  • Goddess Tea Infuser
  • Goddess Tea Infuser
  • Goddess Tea Infuser

Goddess Tea Infuser

  • For use with loose tea leaves
  • Stainless Steel
  • Lead-free pewter charm
  • Made in the USA
PEW-5826 - Pewter
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Calming... soothing... uplifting. There's nothing life a cup of hot tea to get your day started off right. And while a tea bag might be okay in a pinch, true connoisseurs know that the best way to get the perfect cup is to use a tea infuser such as this one. Whether you are blending herbs from your own garden, or indulging in exotic blends from your favorite tea merchant, an infuser is the very best way to brew up a fragrant, delicious cup of tea.

The Goddess Tea Infuser is adorned with a lead-free pewter charm of a female figure with a spiral at her center. Perfect for when you want something to make your brew a little more magical. The infuser itself is made of stainless steel, and measures 1 1/2" in diameter. Comes in an organza bag.

How hot? How much? How long?
The answers to those questions will vary depending on your ingredients. If you are using a blend you have purchased, it should include suggestions for how much tea leaves to use, what temperature water to use, and how long to steep the leaves.

Can I re-steep a second cup of tea from the same leaves?
Yes! When your first cup is ready to be enjoyed, lift the tea ball up, and allow it to drain before laying it aside on a saucer. When you are ready for your second cup, replace the infuser into a fresh cup of hot water, and allow it to steep for a minute or two longer than you normally would.

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