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On Sale! Tiger Sun Window Sticker
  • Tiger Sun Window Sticker
  • Tiger Sun Window Sticker
  • Tiger Sun Window Sticker

Tiger Sun Window Sticker

  • 4 1/2" window sticker
  • Translucent artwork
  • Permanent adhesive
$4.00 - SAVE 20%! Now $3.20
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This tiger's green eyed gaze exudes an aura of strength and nobility. Bring your windows to life with this luminous window sticker. The high quality, permanent-stick artwork has beautiful translucent colors, and can be used on any window, glass door or smooth flat surface. For indoor or outdoor use. 4.5" Diameter.

The tiger has a rich tradition of symbolism within the Chinese culture. Tigers are associated with power and royalty, so much so that they are considered the King of the Beasts, similar to how the lion is regarded in western culture. There are also legends telling of tigers guarding graves of those who have died. In addition, the tiger is seen as a symbol of prosperity and generosity.

What is the meaning of the symbol on the tiger's chest?
That is the Chinese character for "tiger".

Who is the artist?
This art was created by Bryon Allen.

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