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Fucupcakes Tin Sign
Fucupcakes Tin Sign
Fucupcakes Tin Sign
  • Fucupcakes Tin Sign
  • Fucupcakes Tin Sign
  • Fucupcakes Tin Sign

Fucupcakes Tin Sign

Only $19.00
  • Popular retro, vintage style
  • 20 cm by 30 cm (approx. 8" by 12")
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Folded edges and rounded corners
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Retro has never been so much fun! This vintage-style tin sign gets right to the point: "I just baked you some Shut the Fucupcakes". There's no doubt about it- this adorable kitty in her baker's hat and apron has had just about enough of you and your attitude. Better watch out, or her next move might be to come after you with the rolling pin! Her pastries look mighty sweet, but the cook herself looks like a real sour puss.

The sign measures 20 cm by 30 cm, or approximately 8" by 12". There is a pre-drilled hole in each corner for easy installation. To strengthen the sign, and to prevent any sharp edges, all edges have been folded, and all corners have been rounded.

Are these signs antiques?

Not at all! The artwork is done in a vintage style, to suggest a bygone era, but the sign itself is brand new.

Is the sign really made of tin?
No, it is not. These days, "tin" signs are like "tin" cans. The name has out-lived it's original meaning. The actual metal used is steel.

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