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Limited Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set
  • Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set
  • Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set
  • Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set
  • Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set
  • Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set
  • Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set

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Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set

  • Pen is made entirely of glass
  • Brilliant rainbow pattern in glass
  • Set includes 12 glitter inks
  • Gift boxed
PEN-SET - Glass Pen & Ink Set
5 out of 5 stars based on 1 customer review
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Modern technology will never replace the pure joy of handwriting with a well-made pen. Whether you are sending a card to a friend, or transcribing family recipes, or crafting a new spell in your book of shadows- some jobs just call for an old-fashioned approach.

If you've never used a pen like this, you're in for a real treat! The spiraling grooves on the surface of the nib draw the ink up, and then dispense it consistently as you write. You can write for a surprisingly long time with just a single dip. And embedded within the body of the pen is a rainbow of shimmering color. In short, this pen is a treasure that is as functional as it is beautiful. The entire set, with pen and a dozen bottles of glitter inks. comes in a gift box, and there's even a plastic sleeve for the pen, for an added bit of protection.

Is it hard to get the hang of using a dip pen?
Not this dip pen! I promise you, it is easier than you would ever believe to use this glass pen. It glides over the paper like magic. No drips, no splotches. Just line after line of smooth, effortless writing.

Is the glitter ink hard to read?
Not particularly. The glitter in the ink is very subtle. You'll see it mostly as you turn the paper and it catches the light. Keep in mind that the glitter particles will eventually settle out at the bottom of the jar of ink. Be sure to shake it before opening, and you may also want to stir it from time to time, with a toothpick or something similar, to keep the glitter particles in suspension.

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    5 stars
    A review by for Glass Rainbow Pen and Ink Set

    This works so well! I was able to write multiple sentences with each dip of the pen. I'm super impressed with it and now I feel like I need to improve my handwriting to match how pretty it is.

    Tips: The first time you open the ink bottles, they may splash a little from being unsealed. I wore the disposable gloves I usually use for hair dye after the first one, because it definitely stained my fingers! Also, use a heavier paper. My letters bled (and bled through the paper) when I used normal notebook paper for testing.