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Viking Ship Greeting Card
  • Viking Ship Greeting Card
  • Viking Ship Greeting Card
  • Viking Ship Greeting Card
  • Viking Ship Greeting Card
  • Viking Ship Greeting Card
  • Viking Ship Greeting Card

Viking Ship Greeting Card

  • Single card & envelope
  • Space for message inside
  • Shadow artwork inside
CRD-CD20 - Single Card and Envelope
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Viking longships are a thing of the past, but there will always be those who feel the pull of the open sea, and the need to know what lies beyond the next wave. Without a doubt, these dragon-prowed ships are the quintessential symbol of the Vikings' spirit of exploration and adventure, and that, you can be sure, will never go out of style.

In addition to the full color artwork on the front of the card, there is a subtly shaded Thor's hammer on the inside. Other than the artwork, the card is blank, so you can add your own message.

This card is produced on recycled paper using vegetable oil based ink. The card measures 6 3/4" by 4 3/4".

Who is the artist?
This card is based on a work by the British artist Courtney Davis, who is best known for his extraordinary mastery of Celtic art, and his deeply spiritual approach to his work.

Is this an example of Celtic art or Norse art?
There are many similarities between Viking and Celtic art, thanks to the close contact between the two cultures that lasted for hundreds of years. You'll find the same sorts of stylized figures, both human and animal, and interlaced patterns to form borders and backgrounds. As a general rule of thumb, Celtic art appears more static and balanced, where examples of Norse art are more apt to be asymmetrical, and filled with restless energy.

Will this card fit in a 5" by 7" picture frame?
Yes! This card makes a lovely and inexpensive bit of Viking art for your walls.

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