Dragon Coloring Book
  • Dragon Coloring Book
  • Dragon Coloring Book

Dragon Coloring Book

- 20 fantasy dragon images to color.
Our top-quality coloring books present artwork from Eileen Steinhauer. So much more satisfying than the simple, cutesy drawings that you find in most kids' coloring books. The pages are heavy duty, and printed on only one side, so you never have to worry about bleed through. Each book contains 20 pages to color and enjoy. Spiral-bound.

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From the Artist: Eileen Steinhauer
A little about myself... I was raised in Bucks County, PA and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. Most of my ideas come from nature, song, random ideas and thoughts, history, myth, the beauty in life, and sometimes the sadness. When I hear a song, my own version of a music video starts playing in my mind, and a lot of my drawing time is spent trying to convey my mental images onto the page. Sometimes I'm successful, other times the image takes on a mid of its own, and turns out completely different. That's the fun part for me, not knowing what an image is going to look like till it's done. I also get constant inspiration from those artists who have come before, such as Susan Sedon Boulet, J.W. Waterhouse, and Alphons Mucha. Seeing their work not only inspires me, but also lets me see what is possible with hard works and LOTS of practice! I work with all kinds of media. My favorite, of course, being regular old graphite pencil. I like the earthy feeling I get when I create images with just plain pencil. I like the way the monotone look almost creates a sense of tranquility, and at least in my own opinion, a feeling of being grounded and centered. Although occasionally, I love to create works with bright vivid colors that fill the page. I would describe my creations as geometric, and slightly puzzle-like in nature, the coming together of form, space, and emotion. Shapes play a huge role in the composition of each drawing. Being a typical Libra, there tends to be a need to incorporate as much balance in my works as possible. Whether it's the contrast between cool and warm colors, or the balance between positive and negative space in a drawing, there is usually some sense of harmony. Or at least I'd like to think there is! I've been truly blessed in that I have the ability to create, and have come across people in my life who have supported, encouraged, and inspired me. I hope you enjoy my works, and I hope that on some level they serve to inspire you!

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