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Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern

Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern

  • Pattern for counted cross stitch
  • Includes key for floss use and fabric suggestions
  • 400 stitches wide by 560 stitches tall
  • Does not include fabric or floss
SHD-112 - Cross Stitch Pattern Only
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The highlight of this magnificent Celtic piece is an ancient leaf-bladed sword, forged in light, and charged with power. Now take a moment to look more closely at the details surrounding the weapon. Do you see the birds and beasts that have been cleverly concealed in the pattern? If you're sharp-eyed, you'll spot bulls, boars, horses and ravens. The subtle shades of bronze and gold stand out in stark contrast to the jet black background, creating a tapestry rich in symbolism and meaning.

The Warrior Cross Stitch Pattern is based on artwork by Jen Delyth. The design measures 400 stitches wide by 560 stitches high. The cross stitch pattern spans 42 pages, and is printed double-sided, on unbound sheets in a clear plastic bag for protection. There is a color picture of the completed chart on the front page. The pattern itself is graphed in black and white symbols, and a table showing the DMC colors you'll need is included. This is a massive project that will provide you with many hours of enjoyment. It is not the best choice for beginners, but for the experienced stitcher, this will be an exciting challenge. Copyright - Heaven and Earth Designs, Inc.

This is a pattern for counted cross stitch. It is not a complete kit. You will need to supply your own fabric and floss. We are not able to offer digital downloads of our patterns at this time.

How much fabric do I need?
To calculate the amount of fabric you will need for your project, divide the number of stitches by the stitch count of the fabric you wish to use. The higher the count of your fabric, the smaller your piece will be. Some examples appear below. Remember to leave several additional inches as a border on each side, to facilitate framing your project when it is finished.

Fabric countApproximate size
of stitched area
14-count28 1/2" × 40"
18-count22 1/4" × 31"
25-count16" × 22 1/2"

How difficult is this pattern?
Here's some information to consider to help you decide if this pattern is within your comfort zone.

Number of stitches400 × 560
Number of colors66
Number of pages42
Half- or quarter-stitchesno
Specialty stitchesno
Specialty flossno

Can I get this as a complete kit?
Nope. Sorry but we only sell printed patterns. You will need to provide your own floss and fabric for your project.

Can I get this pattern as a download?
I'm sorry, but we only offer physical patterns at this time. We do not sell downloads of these patterns.

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