Clear Quartz Point with Garnet
  • Clear Quartz Point with Garnet
  • Clear Quartz Point with Garnet
  • Clear Quartz Point with Garnet

Clear Quartz Point with Garnet

- So simple, but don't let its looks fool you. This clear quartz pendant is a real powerhouse. Clear quartz has the effect of amplifying your intention, allowing you to focus your will with laser-like precision. This quartz crystal is paired with a fiery red garnet, to boost your courage and optimism.

The sterling silver setting for the crystal is pure elegance- open and airy to catch the light, with delicate tendrils and swirls, almost as if it was grown from a living plant rather than shaped from metal.

The Clear Quartz Pendant measures 1 5/8" long overall, and comes with an 18" silver chain.

PSS-G510 - Sterling Silver
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